Wednesday, December 29, 2010


trying on a new nose in a gift shop in carmel in hopes the fake one would feel better?

i heard it crunch. 

at first, i thought the noise was only loud enough to hear in my head. but ryan heard it too. later, he said it sounded like a handful of sticks all snapping in half at the same time. i wasn't previously aware that breaking cartilage could sound like that, but apparently it can. 

and, if you're wondering, not only does breaking your nose not sound good, it doesn't feel very good either. 

it was my wake up call this morning. ryan got leah out of her bedroom and put her on our bed to say 'good morning.' he set her down on all fours. i opened my eyes as she was coming down - a big grin spread across her face. my sleepy eyes promptly closed and the next think i knew, leah had suddenly flipped to her back, the rear of her head colliding with the bridge of my nose. 

my first {and very vain} thought was "oh, this is not going to be pretty."

my second was, "man that hurt like h.e. double hockey sticks" {only without the double hockey sticks part}.

ryan whisked leah away and brought me a bag of frozen peas with a washcloth to cover it. the peas happened to have an indent on them, perfect for me to insert my nose. well, i thought it was perfect until i realized the indent came from the finger of a friend that also used the pea's frozen healing powers after a steam burn on christmas day. gross. 

the injury is tender - and bruised - but not misshapen, thank goodness. it's definitely broken. 

my reflexes are on hyper-alert {i flinch every time leah's head or hands come within 17 inches of me} as are ryan's never-ending nose breaking jokes. but, that's why we keep him around. he makes us laugh. i just need to remember to not laugh too hard - it crinkles my nose and that doesn't feel very good.


Erica said...

so you broke your nose? this morning? ouch!

Molly said...

Ouch, Maren! Graham whacked my nose with a bucket yesterday. It hurt, but certainly not as bad as yours. Then 5 seconds later he slammed his forehead into my neck (throat?). That hurt even more. He was beating me up. :(

Dawn said...

Um, nose hurt just reading about your injury!

Ann Marie said...

Oh no!! That's awful. I hope it's feeling better now.

Haylie said...

owie! on the bright side, that yellow coat is the cutest thing i've ever seen!!! where did you get that?

mj said...

old navy, actually. i love it!

Shannon said...

Say it ain't so, Maren! That was the most painful description I've ever read. I hope you're feeling better. Am loving the substitute nose in the meanwhile ;)

p.s. I also loved catching up on Christmas happenings and ekg/eeg extravaganzas. Sounds like it was a full and fun and memorable holiday for you guys.

Rob and Marseille said...

:( Rob has managed to break his nose 3 times. (all before we got married...the boys haven't done it to him). Once he even had to reset it himself. I hope it feels better.