Saturday, December 11, 2010

a tourist in my own town or...i've never felt so cool before

ever since i first laid my eyes on the incredibly cool-looking go cars, i knew they were for me. i wanted nothing more than to drive one around san francisco from that moment on. i asked ryan and he basically laughed in my face. and who wants to tour around with someone who has an attitude like that? he can stay home and watch leah. they only fit two people and rachel's birthday was yesterday. rachel has been so wonderful this year. i wanted to really let her know how much i appreciate all she does for me and for leah AND i knew she'd be a ton of fun to ride around with. so, i kidnapped her {scott readily obliged as he was just about as excited to get in one of those cars as ryan was} and we were off.

i have never been so popular in my life. and i'm sure it was because i looked so cool. sure of it. we had tourists and children alike waving at us and taking pictures of us. we are most definitely going to show up in someone's photo album in japan.

we looked extremely cool in our helmets, obviously.

we putted up hills and screamed through intersections. rach only had to get out and push twice {once at the top of a steep hill where i stopped to let a biker and pedestrian pass and once when we parked}. we were advised to not go faster than 30mph. i'm not sure 30mph is even possible in those cars, but if we surpassed it, we had no idea because the speedometer said zero the entire ride. my fingers are sore from pushing the brakes so hard on the downhills, but we had a fantastic time.

two hours touring along the embarcadero, fisherman's wharf, the marina district, the presidio, baker beach, the golden gate bridge {in all its foggy glory - see picture above}, little italy, china town, lombard street, union square and more. i honestly don't think i've ever had so much fun being a tourist - and it was in my own town. i loved it! eat your hearts out scott and ryan.


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

That looks like so so so much fun! I love the uber coolness of the helmets, in their gun metal gray. Silly boys opting out.

You've been a busy little bee!

Rach said...

Okay, now after looking at the pictures, I hope all those people from Japan crop me out of their photo albums!! You look adorable and I look...crazy!
That was so much fun! I LOVED it! What a fun birthday present from an amazing friend!

Unknown said...

oh i love it. i would have gone with you!

Afton said...

Holy cow, I so want to do that!!!

Krista said...

so my friends and i might be coming to San Francisco for a quick weekend trip and if we do, you can bet I'll talk them into this! How silly and fun!