Tuesday, December 7, 2010

christmas tree lane

the first year we lived in the bay area for christmas, i was bummed that there was no snow and it kind of put a damper on the entire holiday. over the past four years, i've tried to embrace the different ways we can celebrate or at least feel like it's christmastime. so this year, i decided i wanted to do all things-christmas-ey. i wanted to see more and do more and experience more of the bay area. 

first on the agenda? christmas tree lane in palo alto. 

we actually did do this last year...in the rain...with friends. the street was PACKED with cars. so many people wanting to see the lights on these gorgeous homes. i loved it. so i wanted to do it again. 
leah and i ate our dinner, packed up dinner for dad, put on our coats, and rushed to his office to pick him up. he ate in the car on the way over so we could make it in time to see the lights with our friends. and when we got there, the street was barren. and dark. we slowly made our way down the eerily empty drive as we noticed a friend of ours behind us. we pulled over to chat and he wasn't sure what was going on either. we called some other friends who were planning to come but hadn't left home yet and they looked it up again on the internet to see why no lights were on. the verdict? we were four days early. yes, four days. the people who live in the houses do, in fact, put up all their lights the day after thanksgiving. they are required to do so. however, in this green state of ours, they are not required to turn those lights on until december 10th. 

so, we got back in our cars and drove to the mcphie's where we all crammed into their front room and kitchen to enjoy some yummy donuts, hot chocolate and great company. 

leah enjoyed the newest addition to the group. 

wavey was just happy to be, as always. 

and rach still wore her new gloves, even though she never ventured outside.

the lights were a bust, but the evening wasn't. and hopefully we'll make it back before they can voluntarily shut them off.


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

So glad it was fun!

Rach said...

See, I told everyone I could keep a straight face while taking that picture! (I would call it a sexy/model face, but I don't think it makes the cut).
It was so much fun! I am glad that the tiny-ness of our apartment didn't scare anyone away from coming. We love Christmas time with friends.