Saturday, December 4, 2010

daddy daughter date

miss leah is a champ. 

she filled up her second potty chart. to the hilt. that thing is sparkling with jewel stickers {and one googly-eyed can definitely tell when dad is in charge}. the final prize for filling up this particular chart was a date with daddy. when i created the chart, i thought, "oh, this will be fun...and it'll give me some time off." yup. i thought it. but when i told ryan you would have thought i told him he had just won the million dollar jackpot. he was so excited. SO excited. and he helped encourage leah for just about a month to fill that thing up so they could go on a date. 

i let ryan do all the planning. he decided he wanted to take her to the zoo. so, when leah was awarded her 40th sticker on the evening of friday, december 3rd, we decided the next day was a perfect day for a zoo outing. ryan and leah donned their raincoats and off they went. 

they were gone for five hours. really, truly. five hours. he even took her out to lunch she fell asleep at the very tail end of the trip and ryan successfully transferred her to her bed where she slept for another two hours at least. it was like I won the million dollar jackpot. 

i made ryan take the camera and he vowed to get someone to take a picture with BOTH of them in it. turns out he just decided to set it on the 10 second timer and get his own shot. which, never works, by the way, because leah is crazy looking all around. i guess unless she's with her dad at the zoo? because he got TWO shots of both of them looking and smiling at the camera. and did i mention he only tried twice? unbelievable! 
they saw lions, and tigers and bears {oh my!} and elephants and giraffes and zebras and goats and hogs. 
she wasn't quite sure what to do with the hogs. 

as they were leaving he stopped at the gift shop to buy her something {he's basically wrapped around her little finger}. he searched for something she would enjoy but could actually play with by herself. he came up with this. brilliant. she thinks her new giraffe tail is pretty stinkin' funny. she's right. 

here's to more potty charts and more dates with dad! yay leah!


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Yay Leah! You are doing so great! Chickadee is working hard too. She loves to go potty. I hope you use that tail a LOT!

dani said...

These posts are making my night! You guys are so stinkin' funny... LEON? Please tell me you have an animal tail on your Christmas list, Maren.

Zenaida said...

Ryan gets 5 stars for the giraffe tail! One of my favorite posts. It is a brilliant idea and she looks so cute.

Dyan said...

So cute; dads are the best! I am glad you got a little break too.

ed and kelli said...

yay for potty charts! go bean.

Karen Hauley said...

Leah is looking so grown up without bangs! Love the hair. Love the giraffe tail. Love daddy-daughter dates. Love you guys.

Rob and Marseille said...

fun! what did you do during that time? maybe its on a post I haven't seen yet?

Rebecca Parker said...

Another great idea/post! I'm all about father/son outings as well:) But sadly whenever I mention big boy undies to Luke, he prefers a diapurrrr (with a french accent)