Tuesday, December 14, 2010


we have a lot of christmas decorations. some i love more than others. some have sentimental value. others are just plain awesome. 
problem is, we don't have a lot of space. we love where we live, but two bedrooms, a tiny bathroom, one kitchen and one small front room doesn't allow for much decorating space. 

we had to move our coffee/end table out of the house to allow room for the christmas tree. we don't have a mantle so the stockings are hung with care on the bookshelf, and sadly, there was no place to put my lovely willow tree nativity this year. we had to pick and choose. 

so, we chose: tree, stockings, ryan's nutcrackers {lining the top of the piano}, card holder {gracing our entryway}, wreath on the door and advent on the door. that's pretty much it. 

except i have these block letters that spell out "NOEL" on them. i like them, but they don't have any hardware on them, so they don't hang...and you kind of have to have them balancing on something. i got the brilliant idea to set them behind the music stand on the piano so they'd be in the background of whatever i was playing. 

later that night, i walked around the corner to see this:

does anyone else see anything wrong with my lovely noel sign? ryan thought it would be hilarious to switch the letters so it spells "LEON" instead. i noticed right away and ryan was shocked that i did. but he thought himself pretty funny. he's a comedian, that ryan. i think we'll keep him around. he keeps me on my toes. 

if you're wondering, we left it that way for a good two weeks. and no one else noticed. and also, if you're wondering, ryan wanted me to promise that if we ever had twins, a girl and a boy, we could name them noel and leon. 

i made no such promise.


Elaine said...

haha- I noticed before I even finished reading your post. :) My girls like to switch our "NOEL" stocking holders around too.

We did the same thing with our Christmas decor- you have to pick and choose when you live in California. :) We have no mantle this year, so our stockings are hung on a ribbon on the wall. :)

ed and kelli said...

i'm gonna pee my pants i'm laughing so hard. i second the noel and leon layton vote. good thinking ryan.

Karen Hauley said...

Leon Layton slides right off your tongue. sweet.

Carrie and Avery said...

maren, funny enough, thad's late father was named leon and we tinkered with the idea of using noel as avery's middle name.