Wednesday, December 8, 2010

christmas creche

for the past four years, something i have thoroughly enjoyed at christmastime is the creche exhibit held at a local chuch. various members of my church as well as others from the community create creches or works of art depicting the nativity or offer their personal items for display. there are hundreds of creches each year along with musical programs and other entertainment. i've volunteered to hostess twice, but have attended each year.

one of my favorite areas is the children's room. there are creches you can TOUCH, pictures of the nativity to color, marionette shows and more. this year, fully knowing leah couldn't accurately touch even if she wanted to, let alone color, i decided we could help her to dress up to be part of the nativity.

isn't our little mary beautiful?

she was thrilled for about three seconds and then it was over. that poor donkey never saw it coming. ah, well. at least we tried. {i've started giving myself gold stars for trying.}

we'll just try again next year...

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JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Love that poor little donkey...