Thursday, December 2, 2010

penguins have belly buttons too

i watched one of leah's darling friends today while her mom and dad had a doctor's appointment. we made a winter sticker collage. i was fascinated by her dexterity and creativity. i know those same qualities are trapped inside of leah somewhere too, so i was honestly entranced the entire time we sat at the table. 

i decided to be funny and put a "belly button" on her penguin. she looked at me for a second with a confused look on her face and then got bright eyed. she decided the penguin needed two belly buttons, so she stacked a second one on. and then a third and on and on. she piled them as high as they would go. "he needs more belly buttons!!" she would shout. i think i eventually counted 15.

hey, i could happen. penguins have belly button{s} too.


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Sorry, I hope you don't find me creepy stalkery. I'm just cleaning out my Google Reader, and there you are!

I feel exactly the same way. I just love watching little babies, and their fingers that WORK. And the ones learning to walk, and feed themselves, and RUN. Oh. It's just delightful.

Unfortunately their parents get rather alarmed when I am always saying, "LOOK AT HER!" or "Wow. That is just unbelievable" and their child is only picking their nose, or breaking my lamp. Ah well. :D

Mary said...

Livvy was so proud of that penguin! Ü Love it.