Wednesday, December 22, 2010

one last try for holiday cheer

with so many attempts to try and see lights or do christmas-ey things only to have them flop, i was running out of ideas! we planned to go to the oakland zoo to see the lights there, but opted to stay home after a pretty busy day and do leah's ekg instead. fun, i know. so when my cousin called to see if we wanted to go get hot chocolate and see the lights in their quaint downtown i was all for it. what can go wrong with walking the streets of a darling town with friends and family and drinking hot chocolate? not much. so we did. 

i almost remembered my camera. so did sarah. and mary's almost ran out of batteries before we got one shot...without her even in it. leah almost looked at the camera in time {that one and only shot we got before the camera died} and it didn't even start raining until we were almost home. 

but, we still had a great time. better luck next year?

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