Tuesday, December 14, 2010

vasona park bust

remember how i said i wanted to get out and experience more this holiday season? well, attempt #2 was nearly as much of a bust as christmas tree lane. 
kristen and lindsey went to vasona park with their families last year to see the lights, ride the train and ride the carousel. i wished i had gone. i run through that park on my long training runs and have always wanted to see it lit up at christmastime. i don't remember why i didn't go last year. could have been busy? could have been too bummed out about leah not being normal like their kids? either way, i didn't go. and this year, i was determined to try. ed was the only lucky husband who could get off work in time, so the harmans drove one car and leah and i piled into the katz car and made our way down to los gatos. there was tons of traffic, so it took awhile. the entire way, we were encouraging good behavior with the promise of a train and carousel ride. and when we pulled up, it was closed. we went on monday night and the rides are only open on the weekends. we were still allowed to drive through the park to see their lights {which are much cooler for adults than for infants and one-, two-, three- and four-year-old children}.

as kristen drove 2mph through the car-lined park, i held emery and we tried to calm down three angry and tired children. 

we decided to award them with some frozen yogurt at a nearby shop. 
and this is what happens to five kids four years and under when they didn't get what was promised, are hyped up on sugar and it's way past their bedtime. crazy. that's what you get.

again, the company was great, but the activity was a bust. here's to reading information thoroughly on the internet before making promises and venturing out with your kids. this is what the older two of the three men have to say about our evening. 

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Ed said...

I look fantastic!! :(