Tuesday, January 31, 2012

sdrawkcab day

today was backwards day at leah's school. 

it was pretty hilarious to watch. some of the kids were all for it. and some wanted nothing to do with it. leah sported a turned around cardigan and some inside out french braids. 

they did everything backward at school, like free time at the end of the day and snack and circle at the beginning. the welcome board with the kids' pictures and names was on the other side of the room {which surprisingly threw them off a lot!}...and it was upside down! her teacher, miss martin walked around backward looking into a mirror to see behind her. and to top it off, when i came to pick her up, she and all the other kids walked out to us backward.

*don't let the cuteness fool you, though. the facade only goes so far. you can read about how she felt about it here

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brittani c. said...

Could you teach me how to french braid? I think it's time I learn properly.