Friday, January 27, 2012

all cookies should have sprinkles

leah's school was cancelled for the second time this year - unnecessarily. i thought for sure new hampshire would be hard core when it came to snow days, but i was sorely mistaken. this time it was for rain that they thought maybe, might, freeze. and it didn't. so, we took a walk in the slush around the block {in our rainboots} and decided to invite miss c over for a play date. they dressed up like princesses, had a dance party in leah's room and played a rousing game of hi hi cherry-o {which leah can play with her dice-rolling iPad app, thankyouverymuch}. 

in addition to the aforementioned excitement, cookies were again requested. i guess they were popular last time
only this time, sprinkles were included, because "all cookies should have sprinkles!," said miss c. miss ribbons readily agreed. slowly but surely i'm learning to see life through the eyes of a four year old. 

so, sprinkles it was. 

this is what two cute four year olds look like when covered in cookie dough and sprinkles. 

and this is what your table {and, let's be honest, your floor} looks like when covered in cookie dough and sprinkles. 

and this is what cookies look like when covered in sprinkles. 

i was nervous for the taste test, but the verdict? not too shabby. we might be seeing more sprinkle-clad cookies 'round these parts in the future.

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Porters said...

oh you are so nice...I shouldn't let Laneah see what happens for other girls playdates. :)