Sunday, January 22, 2012

partner bowling

the tuck partners got out and about for a night on the town. we took our skills and headed to the bowling alley. it doesn't get much classier than a bowling alley in white river junction, vt, people. seriously. i won't go into any details, but i will say the concession stand was shared between the bowling alley and the business next door. and that business next door wasn't suitable for anyone under the age of 21. nice. 

it was fun to get together with friends and get to know some of the other partners a bit - without talking about business classes and internships {sorry, ry, it's true.}

sadly, my sweet score didn't reflect the potential i showed in my 2002 bowling class at byu, but i did get a few strikes and spares mixed in there with the gutter balls. i'm going to blame it on my body's shifting center of balance. yes, that's it. {in fact, you can see that shifting center of balance sticking out at the very top of the picture...and p.s. my bowling shoes were new. hip hip!}

can't wait for the next night out!
emily, liz and rebecca
 bartender {and organizer} lauren
team 2: katherine, lauren, shaelynn and me {with an invisible kelly who we all had fun bowling for in the strangest ways we could imagine. her score wasn't very good.}
the igoe mobile: me, andrea, emily and liz

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