Saturday, January 7, 2012

eight is great

being eight is great - especially in our church because it usually means baptism! living away from family during these occasions is not. my sweet and wonderful and beautiful and darling and loving and smart and kind and funny niece got baptized today. at eight years old, she had the opportunity to choose to become an official member of the church and be baptized by immersion, at which point, her "sins" are washed away and she is as clean and as perfect as she was they day she was born. 

i do remember the day she was born. i held her in my own two arms. and oh was she perfect. 

i wasn't able to be with my niece on her special day, but we were most definitely thinking about her from afar. i sent her what i hope she thinks is a beautiful white necklace to help her remember this day, her wonderful choices leading up to it and how clean and white she felt. 

we are so proud of her!
 three generations
father and daughter

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