Tuesday, January 3, 2012


yup. poop. this post is all about poop. so if you think you might not like it, you can stop here. 
buuuuuuuuuuuuut, i will say, it's also about this girl and her awesome skillz. with a z. 

you might remember this daddy daughter date from december 2010. ryan and miss ribbons had a grand old time at the oakland zoo as a reward for leah completing her third potty chart - all 40 boxes of it. well, we upped the ante a bit for chart #3 and increased the number of boxes to 64. and THIRTEEN months later, she completed it. she was so gung ho for awhile, and then wanted nothing to do with it. she ended up stickering more than half of it in just two months or so. the girl was on fire
so, just like last time, the ultimate reward was a date with dad. this time, with ryan being the excellent hockey player that he is, he decided he wanted to take leah ice skating. we figured she'd just sit down on the ice so he called around to see if there were any arenas that would allow strollers and we found one! they skated and strolled their hearts out for nearly two hours. i'm not sure who was more excited - ryan or leah!

i was invited to tag along ONLY as the official photographer. but i seriously loved watching the two of them out there on the ice. leah had a great time and we'll be practicing a little more on her roller skates so that next time we go, she can strap on the real things.

we're onto chart #4 now and the boxes have increased in number to a whopping 80. i'll have you know that in less than a month, she's more than a quarter through. our goal is to have it finished by her birthday and she is seriously on board. she's getting better at going when we put her on the toilet as well as telling us she needs to go when we don't - in her very own little leah way. i can't even begin to tell you how proud of her i am. she lacks the ability to control nearly everything in her life and to see her beginning to master this skill brings tears to my eyes. she works so hard and deserves to have control over something!

goooooooooooooooooooooooo leah!


Erica said...

go mommy and daddy! that takes lots of planning and watching and active parenting! you guys are aces at that! and Leah is a CHAMP!

Amy W said...

That picture of Ryan and Leah smiling at each other is priceless! BTW You look adorable pregnant! Congrats!

Michelle said...

seriously gooooooooo LEAH!!!! and I LOVE the pure joy on her face on the ice skating pictures!