Friday, February 3, 2012

twenty five

i'm now twenty five weeks along {well, i will be in a few hours}. and i have to say, it feels good to be 60% complete with growing this child - at least internally. she is a mover and a shaker, that is for sure. she goes non stop. all day. and i kind of like it. and i kind of didn't like it that one day last week when she decided to stop moving completely. let's just say i stayed awake poking and prodding until 3am to ease my mind. 

i was super good at taking weekly shots of my growing midsection with leah. ryan set up shop with the camera religiously every sunday and took a picture of me by our front door. 

this baby? not so much. it's not that i don't think about it. i do. but the weeks change over on saturday...and i rarely see ryan on saturday when i'm in the mood to get a picture taken of me {think pajamas. bad hair. no makeup}. a few weeks ago i stooped so low as to have him take a picture of me in my running garb. after i ran. in running garb that was not meant for a growing belly. you will not be seeing that picture. 

so, i took matters into my own hands and took a picture of myself - in a mirror's reflection {and no, i didn't bother cleaning off said mirror beforehand}. the only full-length mirror we have in our house happens to be in our bedroom, hung on the door, with a dresser that's kind of in the way, so it's still not the best, but it'll do. 

and so, without further ado {and mostly for a few pestering inquiring individuals}, you have twenty five. 
and you get a foot picture - which i will now be adding to the regular belly repertoire simply because i think it will be hilarious to see my feet slowly but surely disappear altogether.  

answers to frequently asked questions:
"how are you feeling?" - great. just tired. and mostly because i've started to have insomnia at night. it's super awesome. but i just hang out with billy and we chat and i feel super grateful to be pregnant at all, sleeping or not.
"who is billy?" - billy is the baby inside of me. we {the other three laytons} decided to call her billy because we think she will be a silly billy just like leah. leah thinks it's hilarious. 
"are you carrying high again?" {asked by those living far away and who knew me when i was pregnant with leah} - yes. yes, i am. but not as high as with leah. still wearing regular pants, but only one pair really fits me. 
"what are you going to name her?" - we're still playing the name game. ryan named leah, so i'm playing the my-vote-is-worth-50-votes-and-yours-is-worth-one card.
"when are you due?" - after lots of confusion between doctors, it was determined i am due may 19th. 
"are you emotional?" {only ryan asks me this} - yes. i am. 

i think that's all. comment below if you have additional burning questions. i'll do my best to answer.


Britta said...

DAHR-ling! Even if you have bad hair (which is like, never).

Molly said...

Yay!! You are adorable. And I knew a girl named Billy. Well, knew of her, not necessarily knew her. And she was adorable.

ed and kelli said...

love it.. can't wait to see the belly in person in a few short weeks! and she will for sure be a silly billy.. esp with such a silly big sister like bean!

Amelia said...

SO cute! And yes, high, but not near as high as with Leah!! :) You make one cute prego lady!! My question...are you still running?! Kudos to you! I was not the runner you are, but I've had to start walking more and more... and slower and slower!! Yay for baby bellies! Especially girl ones! :)

Michelle said...

love love love it.

mj said...

sort of still running. i opted out this morning because of a serious lack of sleep last night. but i've been cleaning non-stop all morning, so i still got a workout. :) when i run i try to go between 4-6 miles and i end up walking a lot because there are tons of HILLS here.

chellae said...

My question: Is that super cute shirt a maternity shirt? Next go around I'm certain I'll need to be freshening up my wardrobe and who better to consult than you. And wow! 4-6 miles. You lucky duck. My blood pressure drops when I'm pregnant and I can hardly run a couple of miles once I hit the four month mark and just walk for the rest of the time. Very cute pics. Good luck with the naming.

Rob and Marseille said...

you are 25 weeks along?! is there a story behind 'after lots of confusion between drs?' only 1 week behind me?! crazy! I am soo much bigger than you, that foot picture is more familiar. and I hear you about the insomnia. i fall asleep ok, but if i get woken up, i'm up for hours :/ at least I'm not tired during the day, which is weird for me.

Erica said...

adorable! especially the little tiny feet!

Jen said...

May 19th is Luke's birthday. LIKE it! :)

You are beautiful, as always . . . and, I'm sure that you will be just as much so at 35 weeks as you are at 25.

Jessica M said...

Love the feet picture. You're looking fantastic. I seem to be in maternity clothes around week 8... I will refrain from making any comments about the fairness of life... Glad you're feeling great!

Crystal said...

Congratulations Maren! Obviously I just read the news. I am so excited for you guys!! Your little belly is so cute.