Monday, February 27, 2012

school celebration

Since Leah's school was on winter break the week of her birthday, they celebrated the Monday after. I was able to be the parent helper that day, which meant Leah was helping child. And boy did she eat that attention right up. 

I love being in her classroom to see her in action. they were learning about dinosaurs that day, so she's pictured doing a fossil rubbing of a brontosaurus with her teachers. 

she is 100% accepted, loved and included by her teachers and peers. Including Mr. Ian who followed her around all day and commented multiple times on how beautiful she looked.

As we wound down for the day and passed out her birthday treats {Leah decided upon rice krispy treats, with sprinkles, of course}, Miss Ribbons was serenaded by a rousing rendition of the "happy birthday" song as well as FIVE, count them, FIVE hip hip hoorays!
I couldn't have asked for a better celebration for my grown up girl. 

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Michelle said...

That was sooooo cute.