Thursday, March 1, 2012

snow march

Thus far, I've been a bit disappointed in what I thought would be hard core snow days for our school district. Since November, Leah has had school cancelled four times {even though there have only been three snow storms?} and maybe one was warranted. maybe. Another was just slush and another only rain. Rain! I grew up in snow, mind you, and school was never cancelled for conditions we've experienced here this winter. 

Now that it's March, Mother Nature decided she actually did want to blanket the northeast for at least a day our two and it did snow more than an inch. Albeit not enough to cancel school in my opinion, stuck for more than a few hours. So, we took advantage and finally got some use out of Leah's new sled, our warm coats and new boots. 

Leah is a trooper and loves being dragged all around our neighborhood. She's getting really good at balancing as we make quick turns and go over bumps and hills, but still thinks it's hilarious to fall back into a big pile of fluffy snow. 

We joined some neighbors for a great day of fun...before it melted in the next few days.
{leah, maren, sophie, liz, miles, michelle, brixton, nash and andrea}

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