Thursday, March 29, 2012


Wow. Time sure is flying, isn't it? I have a few blog posts in an almost-ready state. And after a few months of slowed brain activity on my part, there are even some posts that include  thought and insight. Imagine that. Hoping to get at least one of those up and running this weekend.

For now, let's post 32 weeks before 33 sneaks up on us this Saturday. 

Still growing steady. I think Billy did a somersault this week and turned from her former head down position to breach. If not breach, then definitely transverse. I'll have an update tomorrow. But if that's the case, we'll have a severe talking to. Poking and prodding may or may not be involved. And I may spend the next seven weeks standing on my head. 

Ryan and I also took a birthing preparation class last Saturday. A first for both of us. Definitely more on that to come. Ryan was my personal comedian for seven hours straight. Lucky, lucky me. 

No really. It was funny. 

Leah has been a patient girl each week as I take my pictures, but this week she just didn't want to be left out. Five year olds are cuter than their 30 year old counterparts in every situation, aren't they? - pretend pregnancy included. I just knew that plush soccer ball from IKEA was a good investment.


Amy said...

so well-dressed, even when you're pregnant! I wore the same couple outfits over and over when I was pregnant. I was so tired of them by the end that I donated every last one of them without any hesitation! Even my big-splurge gap maternity jeans! I'll probably wish I hadn't done that next time around. You look fantastic!

Molly said...

You are one adorable pregnant woman, Maren. And Leah isn't half bad herself!

Erica said...

youre just silly cute. remind me never to be pregnant around you.

Zenaida said...

You look so cute and miss Leah is plain adorable.

t.t.turner said...

You are so gorgeous! Oh, to look like Maren. That last picture is the best!

Michelle said...

oh my gosh Maren....those pictures of you and Leah are soooooo cute! I'm dying.