Friday, March 16, 2012

31 weeks

I've always heard people say how much bigger they feel/are during any pregnancies subsequent to their first. And I have to admit that I kind of thought it was an excuse. I'm here today to testify, on behalf of my past stupid self, that I was wrong, wrong, wrong and these brilliant women were right.

I feel, and actually am, bigger than the first time 'round. Not to say this isn't a good thing in my case. I was abnormally small and carried abnormally high with Leah. And let's be honest, I'm praying for all things normal this time. So if that includes a grander size for me, so be it. 

I'm considering naming Billy "Jane" simply for the potential to call her Plain Jane for the rest of her life - in hopes that it will usher in day after day of boring-ness and normalcy. Nothing out of the ordinary. But for now, we're sticking with Billy. 

Billy is growing at a perfect rate and all is well, so far as the medical practitioners can tell. A heart murmur scare at week 18 was verified as null and void shortly after, and her constant activity is reassuring {not to mention super cool}. My stomach can grown inches outward in a matter of seconds. 

See? {28 weeks}:

At today's doctor appointment {31 weeks}, Billy was head down {hooray!} and as guidelines for counting contractions and when to come in were discussed, it all became very real. Because Leah came at 37.5 weeks, but they won't induce until 41 weeks, I'm preparing myself for delivery...any time during the month of May

It could be a long month. 

As contractions with Leah weren't felt until after my water broke and I was 7cm dilated, doctors are strongly suggesting I call when anything contracts after a certain week or even if I just "have a gut feeling."

A tour of the hospital's birthing pavilion {Ryan loooooooooves that, not really} has been scheduled for my next appointment in two weeks, and I'm making plans, backup plans and backup backup plans for rides to the hospital and care for the soon-to-be big sister. 

With nine weeks {give or take, remember...} to go, we still need a crib, a car seat, a stroller and all our baby items sitting in my brother's basement in we were certain baby #2 would not make his/her arrival during our two year stint in New Hampshire. But other than that...we're ready {which basically means we're not ready}. 

Now if we could just settle on a name. Poor Billy just can't be Billy forever...


t.t.turner said...

So fun. Love all of your pictures - you're so creative and absolutely darling. Can I please have your wardrobe?

Julia Wade said...

you have the cutest belly miss maren.. so excited for your new little one to arrive so soon!

Rob and Marseille said...

wow- scary that you didn't feel contractions until you were at a 7 & your water broke! I'm 1 week ahead of you & instead of talking abt when to come in for labor/registering/etc, we talked about my diet (no sugar, only whole grains) and how she's going to decide if I get to give birth vaginally or if I have to have a c-section. but don't worry, I"m not ready either & my baby is NOT ALLOWED to come before May 1st. (fb message me to find out why), I'm guessing May 2nd-12th is going to be some looonnnggg days until mine comes. and I still can't believe you ran a race! what'd your dr say about that?

dani said...

Jane is totally a cute name, even if you were joking. But then, so is Billy. Love your signature foot shots that now include a belly!

ed and kelli said...

i do like how you are doing belly shots this time.. the feet thing is fun!

brittani c. said...

Um, I remember how I felt at 30 weeks and I clearly wouldn't have been jumping on a trampoline. (With your bump being so high, maybe you didn't feel the pressure "down there"?) You look adorable though. We'll be in May before you know it. I can't believe you're almost there!

Amelia said...

You are adorable. That's all. ;)