Tuesday, March 13, 2012

arizona sunshine

a couple months ago, my sister called asking if i was in need of a free plane ticket that had to be used by the end of march. she had a free voucher that expired before she could use it because she was very, very pregnant and wouldn't be flying anywhere before it expired. but...it was transferable. i couldn't think of anywhere i'd need to go since we'd have to buy a ticket for leah too and that just isn't in our budget right now. ryan overheard our conversation and said, "i'll be on spring break for two weeks in march if you'd like to go visit your sister. i can watch leah."

i know.


that happened. ryan's the coolest. so is my sister.

so, march came and off i flew to sunny arizona. the forecast for new hampshire when we left our apartment to head to the airport at 4:30 am last monday morning was 5 degrees. when my plane touched ground 2,600 miles away, i stepped out into nearly 70 degree sunshine. i don't really have words to describe my elation.

the next six days were spent with my sister, her husband, their three year old daughter, one year old son and one month old son (and her sister in law, sil's husband and four kids who are living with them). their house is busy, busy, busy with those seven kids nine and under, but i had a blast.

i jumped on the tramp, blew bubbles, read books, baked, finger painted, put puzzles together, had makeup parties, changed diapers, bathed tiny bodies and cuddled to my heart's content. i also got a faint farmer tan and went to target twice. it was kind of awesome.

it was really great to see my sister in living color and how she spends her day to day. it's much different than my life, that is for sure. but i think we both have what is best for us, and that was great to see. it was a pleasure to watch my baby sister be a mommy to these three sweet, rambunctious, inquisitive, hilarious, energetic, loving kids. and to see her older two step right into their roles as big brother and sister to their new little brother who i will forever call "choc-o-late." they were constantly wanting to help with bathing, burping and soothing and were always looking out for his well being.

i did bring a regular camera, but it didn't make it out of my bag until the very last day, so i recorded my six day stay via my iPhone. thank you, instagram.

as much as i love our regular skype dates, it was so fun to see everyone in person and just be with them all day long. and to know i'm one step closer to making sure they don't forget their favorite aunt who lives all the way in new hampshire. thanks again to kelli and ed for the ticket. such a blessing. i miss them all already!


Ryan said...

That Ryan is the coolest, isn't he.

ed and kelli said...

Oh Ryan, you are the coolest. I wish you could ALL come back! Miss you!

Britta said...

How fun that you got to do this. It looks like your week was filled up completely with Arizona goodness. Sisters (and loving husbands) are the best!