Saturday, February 18, 2012

so helpful

dear leah, 
thanks for being so helpful during my yoga routine this morning. i think my failing abs got more of a workout from laughing than they did from plank pose. 

p.s. dear maren, there's this thing called sun. go find some. xo, maren


ed and kelli said...

dear maren... sun will be here march 6-12th... YAY for TUCSON!

tff said...

Love all the new posts!!

And by the way..... you don't look pregnant in the least in that picture. Let's just say that I look like a house when I am six months pregnant:)

Amelia said...

Don't you love when your kids help you work out! :) I am impressed you can still do any ab stuff! Mine are SO separated! I think the girls did most of the damage, and I almost got them all together again after them, but they are far apart once more. :)Looking cute!! I think my belly skin sags more than that in plank pose when I am not pregnant! ;)