Saturday, February 18, 2012

february duo

Because Ryan hates birthday parties {for himself} and Leah has had more than her fair share of birthday parties {for herself}, we had a small scale cake and ice cream get together with friends to celebrate both of them together. 

The party seemed larger than it actually was due to the size of our front room and kitchen, but we were so happy some close friends could come to celebrate! Poor Leah still wasn't feeling 100% , but found herself a new cuddle buddy on the couch. She's always gravitated toward the men folk.

Colorful cupcakes, strawberry shortcake and three flavors of ice cream were served and that's about it. Presents weren't allowed and almost everyone complied. It was a great evening to celebrate my two favs and chat with friends. 

One of my favorite moments was amidst the chaos when I looked over and saw Ryan and Leah eating their cake in seclusion in the kitchen. It was really sweet. 

Happy birthday to my February duo!


Amy said...

These pictures are the sweetest! so adorable. There is nothing quite like a dad and his daughter(s). happy birthday to both of them.

Michelle said...

sick of my comments yet? I can't help it! They are such a sweet sweet duo.