Monday, February 6, 2012

superbowl sushi sunday

i have to admit, i didn't really have plans to watch the superbowl initially. gasp! i know, you'd think i'm not american or something. i haven't been a fan since the whole indecent exposure episode a few years back. tons of the commercials are released in advance, which ruins that part of the excitement. madonna was the entertainment? sorry, no thanks. oh, right, there's the football too. i know we live in new england, so i should have been more interested, but for some reason i just wasn't. 

until sushi was mentioned. 

we reunited with our football-watching buddies from the fall, whipped up some sushi {no big deal} and ate to our hearts' contents. i don't have a ton of room in my stomach as of late, but i made sure to move a few things aside to make room for this stuff. and for andrea's amazing pina colada, which i have no pictures of because we drank it too fast. so, so good. 

we watched the commercials {ryan actually had to - it was an assignment for his marketing class}. madonna wasn't as bad as expected {although still definitely not a fav}. and you know what?! we even ended up watching some football. some. i mostly paid attention to the sushi. you would too if it looked like this:

i'd say my goal to "try a new recipe" was a success for the month of february.

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