Friday, February 17, 2012


ryan turned the big 31 on tuesday. you're right, 31 just doesn't seem that "big." it almost seems anti-climactic to the anticipation that was 30. buuuuuuuuuuuuut, it's been a big year for this 31 year old and we still wanted to celebrate in small-scale style. 

we caked it up on sunday night. 

monday leah presented him with a new tuck hockey hat, which he sported at the valentine's day massacre later that evening. 

also on monday, ryan went out to get the mail and, much to his dismay, there were two packages and a letter for me, a letter for leah and...a boring magazine, a bill and a tax form for him. nothing says happy birthday! quite like bills and taxes, right?

because of an extremely busy week filled with classes, school work, a case competition in boston and a fly-out internship interview in new york, ryan wasn't even around on his birthday. in fact, he spent a majority of the day flying from new hampshire to boston to philly to that interview in new york. yup, he could have driven to his destination faster than he flew. but, then he would have missed out on his opportunity to co-pilot, now wouldn't he? 

the first leg of his flight was out of a teeny tiny municipal airport in a neighboring city. the plane seats 6 people - including the pilot. if there is no co-pilot for the flight, a passenger is often allowed in the "cockpit." on his flight to boston, there happened to be a co-pilot. bummer. but, on his flight back home the next day, ryan noticed that seat was empty. one person filed onto the plane before him and as ryan stepped through the doorway, the pilot said, "feel free to take any seat except the one in the very back. and this one up here is free too," at which point the pilot patted the co-pilot's seat. ryan didn't even blink before he jumped at the chance. although the sky was dark, he had a blast being so up close and personal to the control panel as well as having such a great aerial view {as opposed to your regular 12x12 inch side view in a window seat}. although he was exhausted from the week's events, it was a great birthday surprise.

we finally celebrated for real tonight. in addition to the much anticipated eclairs {i was so worried they wouldn't turn out, leaving him with seriously ridiculous presents}, we had some delicious grilled salmon and he was finally able to open his gifts. after dinner, he and leah settled down on the couch to watch the new movie leah gave to him. 

i hope {even if it was four days late} it was, indeed, a happy birthday.

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