Monday, February 13, 2012

the tradition lives on

well, i did it. i broke the {pretend} pact. but so did lindsey, so i'm off the hook. i signed up to bring heart shaped sugar cookies to leah's preschool class for their valentine's day celebration. and rather than decorate them all by my lonesome, i extended an invitation to some nearby friends. leah and i baked all the cookies this morning {and even got to use a vintage crinkle edge heart shaped cookie cutter that has been in my family for as long as i can remember}. all in all, five friends and five kids graced my table to decorate and consume some sugary heart-shaped goodness. 

although it was admittedly different than years past {i think kristen would agree our best batch was february 14, 2008...our second batch that week}, it was a lot of fun to get my pastry bags and decorating tips out of the closet again and share my tradition with some new good friends.

and word on the street is leah's class thoroughly enjoyed them. success!

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Shannon said...

those look divine, Maren. love sugar cookies (they're my fave)...this gets me to thinking that I should probs have a sugar cookie party for St. Patty's day. See? You're STILL inspiring me, without even knowing it :)