Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cape Cod Half Marathon

1 amazing house on the cape
+ 2 well behaved little girls (during the day)
+ 3 carefree days
+ 4 hours of games and late night chatting
 + 5 pounds of cookie dough 
+ 6 meals eaten together 
+ 7 awesome families 
+ 8 hours of driving round trip
+ 9 second halloween parade
+ 10 minutes off my half marathon goal time
+ 11 kids in costume
+ 12 million pictures
+ 13.1 miles = 
a pretty great weekend

and now for an overload of pictures...
 such a great traveler.
 the course.
 the girls.
 the guys.
 the shoes.
 the medal.
 kate says it's real.
 two beach bums.
 don't take bread to the beach. the seagulls will attack you.
 raggedy ann.
 the costumes.
 the kids.
 the girls, showered.
 the crew, real life.
 the crew, posed.
the house.

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