Saturday, October 6, 2012

fall - in love

You guys, it's ridiculous. The past week, just looking out my window literally takes my breath away. I've found myself staring off into space on multiple occasions. We've gone on hour long walks. It's been easier to get up for runs. And I try to find an excuse to drive to the grocery store every day just so I can take it all in. 

I have so many pictures that I'd like to post, but these measly 15 will have to do. And it has to be said that even these unedited beauties do not do the beauty that is my backyard justice. All of these pictures were taken within a 5 minute walking radius of my home sweet home. Some straight from my bedroom window.

New England knows how to do fall. 

p.s. photo credit for most of these goes to ryan. just sayin'.


melissa ( : said...

SOOOO pretty!

I LOVE the fall!

I think this area was meant to be "fall" all year 'round.

Thanks for sharing - so pretty!

Kelli Marshall said...

that's it. we are moving. right. now.

Natalie said...

Oh how I miss New England Fall!

Amy said...

These are incredible! Thank you for sharing - I love fall (who doesn't?!) and feel like I'm really missing out while living in Texas. Wisconsin looks much like these photos in the fall - stunning!