Friday, October 19, 2012


I have a little sister. Which means I'm the big sister. Which means that, growing up, when my mom dressed us in matching clothes {which she did, a lot}, it was painful for me. I'm not sure what my sister thought of it, but I thought it was less than cool. 

But now I'm the mom. And I get excited about matching clothes. Sue me. There aren't many that we can take advantage of as Leah is nearly out of toddler clothes and Kate isn't quite there yet, but, when it comes to jammies we hit the jackpot. 

Here are our cute, cute sisters in all their matching glory. Stripey jammies was a good day for Leah and a sad day for Kate. Owl jammies was a seizure day for Leah and a good day for Kate. One of these days we'll get their good moments to match as well as their jammies.

And lest you think this is the end, just wait for Christmas.


Kelli Marshall said...

i, being the younger sister, thought it was AWESOME to dress like my sister. i wanted to BE my sister, cause she was cool. so i'm glad you match them. matching is fun. i match my boys and when i can, match them with kenz {she's just in the pink version of coures}. LOVE the stripe jammies.. where are they from?!

Laura said...

I love how Leah is kissing Kate on the head! Too cute.

Catriona said...

Mostly I can resist the urge to dress my girlies in matching outfits. But number one girl is super-keen on wearing the same as her little sis. I love it that she wants to, so sometimes we do it! Your girls look great x

Michelle said...

I LOVE the stripey jammies! Sooo cute