Friday, January 11, 2013

and four makes one

Leah's fourth tooth came out today! Right into daddy's hand after brushing her teeth before bedtime. Four missing front teeth equals one big smiley gap for this girl. 


Lant Family said...

I wish Lucy's teeth would fall out while brushing her teeth. Hers have to involve several tears and bribes of extra money. Ahh I think this is a glimpse of the teenage years.

Kelli Marshall said...

Dear Bean,
Please stop growing up before i can see you. I miss you and I don't like missing all these fun things. Please move closer. Iowa will do for now, i guess. At least it will be easier to visit:)
your favorite aunt.

Amy said...

and still the sweetest face. i'm happy no pain was involved!

Michelle said...

she is so pretty