Sunday, January 27, 2013

Andrea is such a good wife

One of Ryan's great friends here at Tuck is doing a dual-degree program with the Kennedy School at Harvard. Because of this, he spent the last semester traveling back and forth between Hanover and Boston. He was always gone Tuesday-Thursday and often again on the weekends or longer for various events. His darling wife Andrea is one of my best friends here. She plugged along last semester without a complaint. Honestly, I never heard her utter a word of annoyance! She missed girls nights, movie nights, Tuck activities, church activities and more because her husband was away and she was taking care of their son. 

When the semester ended, Brent wanted to do something nice for Andrea to show her how much he appreciated her willingness to drop everything on her agenda just for him. So, he organized a small overnighter to Boston for Andrea and a few of her friends. With scheduling conflicts, it ended up being just four of us and a quick 24 hours, but it was a blast. 
 {Catherine, Andrea, Michelle, Maren}

We stayed in Cat's brother's apartment in Cambridge. We had an adventure trying to find the T that night, but eventually made it to the North End an Italian dinner before we trudged home in the snow. The next day we slept in (I can hear the angels singing when I think about it), went shopping at a mall (angels are still singing!), got boxes of goodies at Mike's Pastry, walked the freedom trail, devoured a delicious clam chowder bread bowl, and stocked up at Trader Joe's (seriously...the angels!). 

We climbed 294 steps to the top of the Bunker Hill monument, witnessed some serious trashy arguments on the T, got good use out of our winter coats/scarves/hats/gloves (brrrr!), stayed up late chatting and basically had an amazing getaway.

We're so glad Andrea is such a good wife. 

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