Friday, January 25, 2013

frozen lashes

I had to get my 8 mile run in on Friday this week before I headed to Boston for our quick getaway. It was negative 2 degrees outside, but I was actually feeling pretty warm with my new fleece hoodie and brand new balaclava. 

About two miles in, my eyelashes felt a little heavy, so when I stopped for a traffic light, I mustered up the courage to take my hand out of my glove and use the camera on my phone to see what was up. 

This is what I saw:

Believe me, I was as surprised as you, so I quickly snapped a picture and then immediately put my hand back in my glove, clutching a hand warmer. But it was worth the cold! It's now one of my very favorite pictures. 

After posting it on instagram and facebook, I got quite a few comments ranging from how awesome I am to how crazy must be. I'm pretty sure crazy is the correct answer. But I'll do lots of crazy things for Miss Leah.

I even received a sweet get well note from our cute neighbor girl on behalf of my frozen eyelashes. 

Boston or bust!!

1 comment:

brittani c. said...

Oh, my! Your lashes remind me of those fake snow-encrusted Christmas trees. I've had my nostrils sealed shut, but not this!