Tuesday, January 22, 2013

dear kate re: the tub

Dear Kate, 
I know you love the tub. Really, I do. But there are easier ways to get there. 
If you agree to never do this again, I will agree to remove this post from the blog before your friends learn how to read. 


Kelli Marshall said...

haaha that's not just a blow out.. that's crustified. nice work kate the turd...{pun intended}

Tiffany Toronto said...

Oh no! Maddie did this multiple times when she was little. YUCK. At the Toronto house we call this "poop painting"

Laura said...

Oh no! Yuck. Although I giggled at your note to her. :-)

Liz Igoe said...

hahahahaha this is the best post!! don't you dare remove this ever!! xo

Michelle said...

this is TOOOOOO funny. Although not to you.