Friday, April 26, 2013

King Arthur Family Night: Lasagna to Go

A friend from church introduced me to Family Night classes at King Arthur Flour - a class for up to four people to make dinner from scratch for consumption that night. 

I was sold. 

I signed up for the Family Lasagna Night and invited Josh and Laura to come with Ryan and me. 

The instructor showed us step by step how to do everything and then we did it ourselves. We made our own pasta dough, waited for it to be proofed and then fed it through the pasta roller about 14 times until it was the correct thickness (or thinness). We added pasta sauce, cheeses (fresh from Vermont) and herbs to create our own lasagna. 

They boys pretended they were too cool to be baking and making their own pasta, but they really loved it. 

We also made a green salad and a baked apple dessert and they sent us home with a freshly baked baguette from their bakery. We wandered around the store (where I could easily drop $500 in one trip*) wile we waited for it to bake. 

We were so starving by the time it finished that we sped home and devoured it right then with Josh and Laura. 

It was so much fun! I just wish I had discovered these classes before now. 

*If anyone was considering getting Ryan a graduation gift, he told me all he really wants is a gift card to King Arthur Flour. I prooooomise. 

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Aubrey and Dale said...

I am so JEALOUS that you were able to attend one of their classes! I've always wanted to go to one and have even told Dale that would be one of my top places to visit for vacation just to do some of the classes.