Saturday, April 20, 2013

ASW - Your Journey, You're Tuck (final installment)

I honestly cannot believe it has been two years since I first stepped foot onto Tuck's campus for Admitted Student's Weekend. I remember feeling so overwhelmed with information and excited about what the years ahead would hold. They certainly have not been a disappointment and as I took part in welcoming the students and partners of Tuck's Class of 2015 to campus this weekend, I felt so happy to have just been a part of it all. I know I wasn't the student here, but Tuck does such a great job of incorporating the family that I might as well have been (only without the homework, which is awesome).

This year, I took part in the Tuck with Kids panel that was disbanded last minute because only one partner with a child came to ASW! So, we joined in on another panel (and sent our info out via email). 
{some of my favorite tps - Laura, Michelle and Tiffany}

I also entered the tshirt design contest and my design won! So, all partners participating in ASW donned my design all weekend. I soon found out that a few of the assistant deans liked the shirts so much they want to keep the branding going for a few years. So, go me! 

And go Tuck!

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Amy said...

your talent has no limit! Congrats at being so amazing! I can't believe your time there is almost up - you have packed in so many great things. almost makes me want to convince james to get his mba. :)