Sunday, April 22, 2012

ASW - jump in!

Admitted students weekend is admittedly different for current students than it is for prospectives. And I think I appreciate it all the more now. 

We went last year and had a great time. 

I went this year and had a great time as well. But with a lot more effort put into it. And not the jump-on-a-red-eye-flight-and-hang-out-in-your-raincoat type of work. 

The theme this year was "jump in" and jump in I did. 

As I'm a member of the Tuck Partner board, I was on two committees - one for registration and one for a "Tuck with Kids" panel. Both committees were great and I'm glad I volunteered my time. But this 36 week pregnant body was by weekends end. 

I spent the weeks prior compiling information about activities for adults and kids to enjoy, organizing the panel, and putting together name tags for 1,400 people (current students, faculty and staff as well as prospective students). 

I spent the actual two days of the weekend welcoming new admits (and their partners) to Tuck, 

answering questions about life in Hanover with kids, 

hosting a darling couple from DC at our home all weekend (read: serious deep cleaning of this house), opening our home for a tour so prospective students could see various layouts of student housing (read: more serious deep cleaning), and hosting a dinner for 12 people Friday night (that ended up being 7 people so we have a few bags of freezer meals waiting for our tired bodies to reheat in a few weeks). 
The weather this year could not be beat. And could not have been any different than last year.

It was an enormous amount of fun. And an enormous amount of work (and there were plenty of people who worked exponentially harder than me, let's not forget that!) . But, after meeting so many wonderful new admits and working with so many incredible current partners and students, it's simply reaffirmed the fact that coming to Tuck was one of the best decisions Ryan and I have ever made. He worked hard to get here and it has been an incredible place for us to be. The community here is more than anyone could ask for and I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.


ed and kelli said...

i would like a white and green tuck shirt like the one pictured above. that is all. :)

Jen said...

I don't know why reading this made me get all mushy inside. . . I just love when you feel inspired to do something -- like move across the country to New Hampshire -- and it turns out even better than you could have ever imagined. . . a witness of the hand of divine providence in your behalf and you can reflect on how much God really is aware of you. Thanks for sharing, Maren!