Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grandma Elmo's Granola

When I was a little girl, my mom used to make granola. It was her mother's recipe - Grandma Elmo. I remember those afternoons like they were yesterday. The smell wafting through our house and the warm, fresh, chewy yet crunchy goodness overflowing from the large, green Tupperware bowl. 

Granola making days were good days. 

When I moved away from home, my Grandma Elmo's granola recipe was one of the first I requested. I've made it a lot over the years, but not often enough. I just made my first batch since moving {loooooooong overdue} and just a few weeks later, it's almost entirely gone. Lots of people have asked for the recipe, so I figured I'd take some pictures and post it.

I love it with milk for breakfast. Ryan loves it with yogurt and fruit for a late night snack. Leah loves stealing bites from either of us whenever she gets a chance.

Any way you eat it, you'll love it. But thanks go to Elmo, not me. And yes, you can easily halve the recipe, but you'll regret it later.

Grandma Elmo's Granola
6 c. rolled wheat                      
8 c. old fashioned rolled oats 
2 c. untoasted wheat germ       
2 c. coconut
3 t. salt                                                 
1¼ c. brown or raw sugar
1 c. canola or olive oil              
1 c. water
2 t. vanilla                                
2-3 T. honey
Raisins (I like Craisins, Ryan likes neither)
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds (new addition from my mom)

1. Mix together rolled oats, rolled wheat, wheat germ, coconut, and salt.

2. Add brown sugar, oil, water, vanilla, and honey to the mixture.
*If you use delicious, fresh honey straight from a farm in CA like me, but find that it has crystallized a bit, don't fret! Just boil the (glass) jar in a bit of water and your honey will be good as new. Seriously.  

3. Mix together thoroughly and spread in pans (cookie sheets or jelly roll pans) and bake at 225° for 2 hours. Stir occasionally. 
*I usually don’t bake for 2 hours because I like it a little more moist, but the longer you bake it, the drier it will be, and the longer it will keep.

4. Add almonds, raisins, and sunflower seeds and bake 15 minutes longer. 

5. Store in airtight container. Will keep for quite awhile ~ but it’s so yummy that it won’t last long anyway.


Aubrey and Dale said...

Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to make this recipe.

Karen Hauley said...

I have also added sesame seeds, flax seeds, and quinoa as well as substitute agave for the honey (or half & half). And recently I read a recipe that had a bit of cinnamon in it - I think I might try it next time. luv this granola - eat it every morning.

KaraLyn said...

My mom and I make this recipes too, but apparently we all have our different versions. ;) I add sesame seeds as well, but leave out the coconut, raisins, and rolled wheat. (In fact, I never knew those ingredients were part of the recipe!) I have recently started substituting half the honey for molasses. I've also always just added all the ingredients at once before baking. But, whatever way you look at it, it IS delicious!!! :)