Monday, April 16, 2012

boston marathon monday

I love the Boston Marathon. There's just something so inspiring about it - in a different way than other marathons are inspiring. When I worked full time, I used to sneak into a fellow counselor's office because I knew each year he'd have a TV in there with coverage going all day long. I still try to watch the coverage each year at home.

This year, it had an added bonus. There was a team running for Rett syndrome and we knew one of the runners! A fellow California Rett mom running for her beautiful daughter and all the others who deal with the monster on a day to day basis. I wanted to be in Boston in person, but didn't brave the 2.5 hour drive down in traffic, not knowing how Leah would handle the crowds and heat nor how I would handle being so far away and relatively close to my due date {Leah did come 3 weeks early, remember?}.

So, instead, we tracked the progress of our friends online and we donned our running clothes {well, Leah do NOT want to see me in running clothes right now} and ran, ran, ran to our hearts contents with some friends. That girl did not stop

Until we got home. Then she looked a little more like this. 

And this. 

So I put her to bed and I did this.

It was pretty awesome. 

Despite the heat, the Rett syndrome runners finished the race and ended up raising more than $100,000 for research in the process. 

I can't think of a better reason to run. Hope to be out there myself next year...


Julia Wade said...

very sweet to have a rett team at the boston marathon.. :)

and i seriously cannot believe how big miss leah is getting! she is looking so tall and grown up.. just love her.

Molly said...

$100,000! That is awesome! I love those photos of Leah. Those running shoes are adorable on her.

Michelle said...

I'm sure you'll be there next year. ;)