Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Helping Parent

I love, love, love the days I get to be helping parent in Leah's class. Whether we've had a good week or bad, seeing how these kids interact with Leah, and seeing how active and involved she is at school, is a sure fire way to cheer me up. She's actually quite popular, despite her aggressive hand and arm movements {still working on that...}. One girl likes her so much that she's figure out that if she just holds on tight to Leah's hands, she can play with her without getting injured. Smart girl!

Me being helping parent means Leah gets to be helping girl. And let's be honest - she eats that attention right up. Helping girl gets to take the attendance to the office, be the leader in the lines, check the weather and move the marker on the calendar. This is serious business. 
{circle time}

It also means I'm in charge of bringing a snack. Last time I brought homemade banana bread with some fruit and we nearly ran out so many kids wanted seconds. So, we decided to not mess with a good thing. Leah and I baked four loaves of fresh banana bread in the morning before school {don't worry - school starts at noon, so it's not like we woke up at 4am or anything} and almost all four loaves were devoured. 
{Leah's robin, center}

At the end of class, the kids get a chance to run outside {so long as it is above 15 degrees} and play on the playground. I loved seeing Leah's fearlessness on the playground. She needs help walking up the stairs but goes down the slide all by herself. 

On tipsy days, she swings in the blue swing, but today was a good day and she held her body up like a rock star. 

I know preschool is the end of official helping parent days, and this was my very last one, but I hope to be able to volunteer in my children's classes as often as possible for many years to come.

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