Friday, April 6, 2012

tuck partners mini golf

The Tuck partners organized a night out at the local mini golf center to work on our handicaps and swing at the batting cages and driving range. And then the partners decided to be nice and invite the students and Tiny Tuckies too. 

After a relatively warm week, the evening turned out to be seriously cold. As in Leah and I both wore two coats and gloves kind of cold. 

But we still braved the winds and played ourselves some mini golf. 

Actually, Ryan played mini golf with Leah {she's good!! - she was this close maybe three times to getting a hole in one!} 

while I did my best to stand there and look chubby. Looks like I succeeded. 

After golfing, Ryan tried out his swing on the driving range while Leah and I thawed ourselves inside and ate pizza and veggies. 

A big thanks to Andrea for recording the evening for us. I did offer her my gloves {and she accepted my offer after awhile}, but I was too much of a wuss to pull my hands out of my pocket to use my own camera.

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