Monday, April 9, 2012

happy easter?

My plans of having a wonderful Easter photo shoot with miss ribbons like we did last year were quickly thrown out the window. Instead, we got the many faces of Leah. That is, the many angry faces of Leah. 

She has a lot.

To her credit, it was after church. She was hungry. And tired. 

But we didn't let it ruin our Easter festivities. We actually had a great day at church celebrating the true Reason we celebrate (to hear one of my favorite excerpts of a talk on Easter, click here). When we got home, we enjoyed some treasures from our baskets {even Billy got one!}, we took naps and enjoyed a feast with friends. 

We might give the photo shoot another try when the sun in shining and we can run around outside. Her twirly dress is impressive enough to give it a second chance.


Michelle said...

these pictures of Leah are AWESOME. not kidding. She is so dang cute, even when she's angry

Colleen said...

I'm not sure what it was but Claire was really emotional after church too. Not our best Easter, between the sobbing and raging we were all a little tired. I have no doubt that pics will emerge of Leah twirling and I look forward to them.

ed and kelli said...

oh bean, those angry faces.. so sad! let's have smiley shoots:) and billy, i'm loving your new easter shoes!!!! seriously can't wait to meet you. i may just have to start saving now to come visit you!

Karen Hauley said...

Loved seeing billy's shoes in her Easter basket. :)

mj said...

Yup. Shoes were courtesy of the easter bunny's mom. :) we love them and she only has so many new things, so we thought we'd highlight them.

Tiffany Toronto said...

If it makes you feel better, Eli threw up all over his Easter outfit in the car on the way too church thus eliminating him from the photo and then barfed all over me after.