Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the morning after

The morning after the Boston Marathon was a bit surreal. We were stiff and store with blistered toes and aching feet. Though we had no medals around our necks to show for it, we had our two little girls to hug tight. We took a trip to Target and then hit up IHOP for a good, hearty breakfast. I heard somewhere that chocolate milk is a great recovery drink and I took that to heart. I'd rather not say how much I actually drank over the course of the next few days. And it was worth it. 

We picked up a copy of the Boston Globe and said goodbye to Ryan's parents before they drove to the airport and we headed back to New Hampshire. 

It was somewhat of a glum drive that was quickly turned around once we pulled up to our home. Posters and balloons galore covered our porch with a delicious goody bag of treats on the doormat from our amazing friends. Those same friends who had spent the day cheering for us and then finding themselves and their own families in harm's way as well. 

First item on the agenda when we walked in the door was to present Leah with her medal. She loved it. And when I say loved it I mean, grinned from ear to ear and didn't want to take it off for days. She wore it to school the next day and all of her classmates got to parade by her and touch her shiny medal. We think if any one of us deserved a medal, she did 100%. 

And with that, we wrapped up our weekend in Boston. Incredible and fabulous to start, life changing in the middle and not what anyone could have ever expected to finish. 

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