Monday, April 1, 2013

two weeks and counting

Fourteen days. 

Marathon Monday is in fourteen days.

And at risk of jinxing myself, I actually feel ready. Whatever that means. 

I'm not sure I would ever say I'm "ready" to run 26.2 miles. I think very few non-professional runners would. But I feel like this go 'round I've prepared as sufficiently as I can and much better than my previous two marathons. 

I've put in the blood, sweat and tears. Really, I've experienced all three.

I've put in the miles. Since my training officially commenced on December 8th, I have run 343.72 miles - and plan to add 30 miles, give or take, to that number before race day. I ran two 20 milers this time, which I've never done before {and let's be honest, I was wondering what crazy person thought that was a good idea when I headed out the door last Saturday for the second}. But it was a great decision as far as my mental preparedness is concerned.

I've trained on hills. So. Many. Hills. And I've improved more than I could ever have imagined on those hills. I know that training will be worth it when Heartbreak presents itself, which I was finally able to see as I drove to Boston last week for Leah's Rett appointment. Also good for mental preparation.

I've run in sub zero temps, ice, rain, snow, wind and overall blah and bleak winter weather. 

Together with Ryan and so many friends and family members, we have raised $10,000 for Rett syndrome research

And so, in two weeks, I'll line up in Hopkinton and give it my all until I cross the finish line in Copley Square. Because that's what Leah does every day - she gives it her all. I don't know what will happen on Marathon Monday - so much is out of my control. But I do know I've put in the work and I feel ready. 

So, ready or not, Boston, here I come. 

 {I love this pic from my 18 miler in early March. Usually the speed sign doesn't even know I exist. It just sits there, black and blank, taunting me. But that day, apparently I was going fast enough for it to give me the time of day.}


t.t.turner said...

You're going to be incredible! What a neat experience that will be. I got emotional just watching the race - I can't imagine running in it! Are you doing the Bart Yasso training program? His has two 20-milers...

t.t.turner said...

... and according to my mom, Heartbreak Hill is hardly a hill (especially if you've ever run in Utah!). It just comes at a hard point in the race. You'll rock it!

Amy said...

I'm beyond excited for you! You've put in the time - now it's time to celebrate. I, for some crazy reason, did three 20-milers. ?!?! Won't be doing that again. Also, I can't imagine how awesome it would be to run a marathon with my husband, or even friends! Next time, for sure. Good luck - enjoy the glorious taper! :)

Erica said...

i love this post so much! and the best part is I get to see you in less than two weeks! Im so excited. I felt ready too, until I was reminded that you ran 20 twice.

Tiffany Toronto said...

Oooh!! I am so excited for you. We are planning on coming down to support you on this amazing endeavor.


Michelle said...

love everything about this. and I died when I saw the picture of the speed monitor thing! (what the heck is it called?). That is soooo funny. You're super amazing, and I literally probably cry once a week thinking about you and your training, and that Leah girl. i'm weird like that.

chellae said...

You are simply amazing. I am so proud of you and for you and your beautiful family. I've almost talked myself into driving over to Boston next Monday just to be there to take it all in. Go get 'em!