Wednesday, July 24, 2013

three days to home

We took it slow and steady to Iowa, stopping two nights and driving three days. We didn't rush in the morning and arrived in time for dinner each night. Day 1 was Salt Lake to Cheyenne, day 2 brought us to Omaha and day 3 we arrived at our new home. 

The girls did a lot of sleeping on the drive (sometimes in unbelievably uncomfortable positions!) and we did a lot of singing and dancing too. 

Lucky Leah got to drive with dad in the truck on the last leg from Iowa City to home and I'm pretty sure she loved it. 

Because none of our things had arrived yet, Ryan and I unloaded our Utah truck as fast as we could and then we stayed at a nearby hotel. 

The next morning, Ryan met the movers at our house to unload and by the time I had the girls dressed and fed, the movers were almost done! 

The girls were so exhausted, they didn't care where they slept. 

I was so exhausted, I didn't care that my first major shopping trip was at Wal-Mart (don't worry, NH ladies, it was a non-scary Wal-Mart).  

After five weeks of not having my own kitchen, a homecooked meal (no matter how meager looking), never tasted so good!!
And now, we are here. Slowly but surely figuring out how to be the best mid-westerners we can be. Tips are welcome.

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