Friday, July 12, 2013

Great Escape 5: Las Vegas

For the fifth year in a row, Lindsey, Kristen and I managed to escape our daily roles for at least 24 hours to relax together and rejuvenate one another. These two girls are two of my favorites and have seen me through some rough times (and some pretty fabulous ones too). We used to see each other on a nearly daily basis. Now none of use even lives in the same state. But when we get together, it's as if no time apart has passed and we pick up just where we left off.

This year, we decided to meet in the middle in Las Vegas. July 10th made for an early morning for Lindsey and me as we drove down early to meet Kristen when her flight came in. Good thing we had some fabulous throw back tunes from high school to keep us awake. Tunes, and a little bit of sugar. 

We stayed at the Vdara Hotel. It was perfect. Just off the strip with easy access to lots of things, but a clean and spacious hotel with NO casino. We borrowed Bellagio's for a classic Vegas pic.

After we arrived, we wasted no time getting to the pool. It was 100+ degrees outside and, contrary to past trips, we did little laying out because it was too hot to NOT be in the pool! We loved our complimentary pina coladas. 

As in previous trips, it's all about the food. And we just keep getting better and better at this. We loved our savory crepes at the Aria and made it before the big rush at Bellagio's buffet. And I finally got to try my frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3! So delicious. And perfect for a hot evening out.

Vegas provided plenty of shopping. Though with two of us with husbands just out of grad school and one paying a mortgage, we kept it to a minimum. We'll do our damage around great escapte 20 I'm thinking...

These trips are always great for me as I have my own personal mani/pedicurists, makeup artist and hair stylist. I don't think I offer much service to them, but they don't seem to mind? I'll think of something for next year...

Seeing a show in Vegas is a must. After our first two choices weren't options for the dates we were there (Celine and Shania, obviously), we decided upon Terry Fator. He didn't disappoint! He puts on a great show. 

And of course, we spent time reminiscing years past. 

The only thing missing was a bit of sugar cookie decorating. Happy escaping with you lovelies.

A big thanks to Ryan, Ed and David who watched the kids. Ryan and Ed even made a party out of it and watched theirs together (and by watched, I mean made sure they were fed and then killed zombies). Ed did put Ryan to work, but it looks like Ryan was happy to have some power tools in his hands.

Next year...Chicago!

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