Monday, July 1, 2013

june in an instant

June was, most likely, our craziest month to date. As in ever. As in the history of our little family. In a really super great way. 

We went from New Hampshire to Maine to Utah {and when I say Utah, I mean all over Utah} to Florida. 

We saw family galore and friends from high school, college, California and New Hampshire. Friends from school, from church and from Rett syndrome. 

Ryan graduated from a top 10 business school (Go Ryan!!).

We packed up all of our belongings and shipped them to a place I've never been that I'm now supposed to call home.

We said some of the hardest goodbyes we will ever say. 

We saw some of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. 

We experienced some of the highest highs we will ever experience. 

All in little old June.

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