Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cure Rett

While we were at the annual Rett conference, we learned that an incredible organization called Cure Rett founded in the UK created a new relationship with the IRSF to spread awareness of and raise research funds for Rett syndrome.

I had followed Cure Rett on Facebook for awhile already and was so happy to meet some of the incredible people who a part of the organization. 

One of their trademarks is the infographics they create with images of individuals with Rett syndrome. And while they were in Utah, they took pictures to create infographics for any girl, boy or woman who was there. Ryan's parents were watching the girls and drove to Midway (an hour away from their home) Saturday morning so Leah could get her picture taken. It was fabulous! 
I'm so happy to now have this perfectly beautiful explanation of Miss Ribbons to share with the world.