Friday, June 14, 2013

goodbye...for now

As the movers packed up and loaded our boxes and left us with an empty home, I felt a little like Peter in J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan when he says, 

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away 
and going away means forgetting.”

I almost couldn't bear actually saying the words goodbye to some of the most incredible friends I have ever come to know. But because they are so incredible, I know we will make an effort to see many of them again and again. There might be years separating our reunions, but there will be reunions.

Today there were goodbyes. And there was going away. But there will never ever be forgetting. Of that I am sure.

 My girls at a tearful farewell at Morano Gelato (yum) the night before Andrea and I left.
  Matchy Laura and Maren. 
I cannot count how many times we showed up somewhere in the same outfit, 
as did our daughters.
  Maren and Michelle, at what they thought was their goodby at the school. 
It made the actual goodbye a few hours later so much easier.
  Bryan and Ryan. He's going to be the raddest doctor in the world in a few years.
  Ryan, Brent and Mike. 
  Ryan and Josh. We like Josh, but we don't really like Google right now.
  Bryn (maker of the top note...and many others throughout the year), Leah, Kate and Emma. Don't worry, Kate, we feel the same way. 

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