Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wasatch Back Ragnar

198 miles
+36 legs
+35 exchanges
+33 hours
+12 friends
+11 months of anticipation
+10 million changes to the planning spreadsheet
+9 kids with babysitters
+8 bazillion pictures
+7 instagrammed photos
+6 best friends from high school
+5 coolers of food (at least)
+4 blisters
+3 legs each
+2 trucks
+1 sweaty wristband 
= an incredible Wasatch Back Ragnar

Team Thirty Schmirty's mantra was "It will be fun" per a video we all watched early on in our training. 
And seriously, it was fun! I would do it again in a heartbeat. Ryan and 5 of his closest friends from high school, four wives, one little brother and one new (to us) friend all created Team Thirty Schmirty to run from Logan to Park City, Utah. We each had three legs ranging from 2-11 miles. Some were flat, some were HILLS. Some were easy, some were HARD. Some were cold and some were HOT. Some were hills, hard AND hot! But we did it!

Ryan and I struggled running at elevations a few THOUSAND feet higher and far dryer than our New Hampshire lungs were used to - Ryan especially as he climbed "Ragnar Hill" gaining 1600 feet in elevation to a total of 8881 feet over 4 miles on Guardsman Pass (Then poor Carolee had to run 8 miles DOWN). All three of my runs were "no support" legs, meaning my teammates couldn't drive by me to cheer me on and help, which also means I was running on trails. Trails on mountains with lots of rocks and roots and things to slow me down. But it also means it was beautiful.

I was the lucky runner who got to see the sun rise over the mountains as I ran into the town of Oakley (and then waited for Ben to wake up and wander over to the exchange - nice, Ben).

And I also had the final leg entering the track at Park City High School where everyone was waiting to cross the finish line together. 

It was a fantastic 200 miles with good friends, food and fitness. 

And it was fun. 

And so worth the window decal for my car. 

 First team photo - at exchange 6, waiting for Ryan O.
 Truck 1 - Reed, Nick, Ryan O., Dan, Ben, Eva (the lone girl!)
 Truck 2 - Dani, Chris, Carolee, Bryce, Ryan, Maren
 It will be fun.
 Before our first legs.
 Feeling official.
 Ryan's first handoff!
 He's a natural.
 Me, not so much.
 Truck 2 girls.
 After our first legs.
 Best team volunteers and support crew ever!
 Sweaty wristband. So, so gross.
 After our second legs.
 About 10 minutes after that.
 Truck 2 girls...and Ryan...feeling rested.
 Truck 2 boys.
 Waiting at exchange 30.
 Feeling anxious...I still had hours to go before my last run.
 Guardsman Pass.
 Chris happy to be done. Ryan ready to run!
 Schooling it.
 Doing what I do best. Or at least what I like to do.
 Almost there!
 We did it!
 Team Thirty Schmirty.
 Bling. Spinny bling.
All showered for our after-race dinner a few days later.

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