Saturday, June 1, 2013

No. 54

Leah had the opportunity to participate in a horse show for the therapeutic riding program she participated in. Having never been to a horse show before, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it blew my expectations out of the water. 

When we arrived, Leah received a number, 54, which she proudly wore through the duration of her part of the show. When it was her turn, she mounted Mango and, with her walkers and therapist by her side, off they went. 

She rode forward, backward, sitting up, lying down. And, her specialty: standing up. 

The darling helmet was a little too big, but I couldn't stop smiling because she looked so darn cute! 

She was supposed to be wearing a black riding blazer, but the sun was blazing enough itself, so we spared her.

There was an announcer broadcasting all of her tricks and quite an audience to cheer her on. 

When she finished riding, they presented her with a red ribbon for the best standing rider. 

We couldn't have been prouder of our little miss ribbons and her new-found equine talents. She not only had fun and gained confidence, but increased her purposeful hand movements (for hitting switches, etc.) and greatly increased her core strength and balance. What a perfect way to wrap up a perfect six months of riding. 

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Kelli Marshall said...

i love that miss ribbons got a ribbon!