Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dartmouth Commencement 2013

Dear old Dartmouth! Give a rouse
For the college on the hill!
For the Lone Pine above her, 
And the loyal ones who love her, 
Give a rouse, give a rouse, with a will!
For the sons of old Dartmouth, 
For the daughters of Dartmouth, 
Though 'round the girdled Earth they roam, 
Her spell on them remains;
They have the still North in their hearts, 
The hill-winds in their veins, 
And the granite of New Hampshire
In their muscles and their brains. 
Dear old Dartmouth! Set a watch
Lest the old traditions fail!
Stand as sister stands by brother!
Dare a deed for the old Mother!
Greet the world, from the hills, with a hail!
For the sons of old Dartmouth, 
For the daughters of Dartmouth, 
Around the world they keep for her
Their old undying faith;
They have the still North in their soul, 
The hill-winds in their breath;
And the granite of New Hampshire
Is made part of them till death. 
-Dartmouth Alma Mater

Dartmouth Commencement was a bigger, grander affair than was Investiture the day before, but such a great experience. It was fun to be a part of Commencement Exercises at such a traditional Ivy League establishment. It's just a shame Ryan and his class were some of the very first to walk and we had to sit in the hot, hot sun while 492 people spoke and 5,000 of his closest undergraduate friends received their diplomas (just glad I didn't have to wear a heavy, black robe). And did I mention there were five valedictorians? And they all spoke? There were. They did.

Props to Grandpa Layton for being on Leah duty (even though we came prepared with Taylor Swift). 

Props to the Pyfers for taking Katers to church with them. I hereby declare you her official godparents. 

And props to the two women announcing the names of 5,000+ students. Names I couldn't even begin to pronounce. 

And of course, props to Ryan and the Class of 2013.

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Josh and Laura said...

I love all these posts about graduation, bell tower, etc because I'll know what to expect for next year! Seems like some long days, but lots of exciting stuff!